DHA Pregnancy

Adequate DHA intake is of utmost importance to expectant mothers. It has been shown that DHA plays a vital role in fetal brain and retinal development. According to international recommendations, the minimum daily requirement of DHA for pregnant or breast-feeding women is 200 milligrams, which is equivalent to a weekly intake of 1-2 portions of deep-sea fish that is rich in DHA.

However, pregnant ladies may find it difficult to eat fish because of alterations in taste and appetite. Furthermore, the concern of marine pollution is a real one, and expectant mothers may fear that inadvertent intake of heavy metal like mercury that comes with deep-sea fish may affect their babies.

Indeed there are other sources of DHA, among them are algae. Microalgae, from which algae oil DHA is extracted, are at the very start of the food chain. With a closely monitored production environment, algae oil is a safe source of DHA for expectant mothers.